Raft is an inflatable raft boat for rafting on rivers. Rafting is an alloy on rapids on inflatable ships. Raft is an elongated oval, designed for several people at once.…

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Weekend in Lazio: how to explore the region in two days
It is best to start exploring the region from the Marcellus Theater. The building is considered the oldest in all of ancient Rome, and in terms of size it is…

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Outbound tourism main species in Western European countries
Outbound tourism is a vacation trip to foreign countries of the world. Thanks to globalization and the simplification of the visa regime by many states, international travel has recently gained…

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The monument city, the contrasting city of Riga, the capital of the Baltic state of Latvia, is comfortably located on the shores of the Baltic Sea. Riga is a beautiful ancient city where you can have a great rest, get enough impressions, taste traditional dishes in cozy national restaurants and have a good time. The mere fact that the Old Town of Riga with its pearl – the historic Town Hall Square – is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, already suggests that every self-respecting traveler should definitely visit here.

Riga is a great weekend destination. In a couple of days you can explore the main local sights, and at the same time you will not be bored! It is best to start your journey through this beautiful city, of course, from the Old Town and Town Hall Square. The 26-meter Powder Tower, which performed protective functions in the 13th century and is now adorning the city, is noteworthy here. The three-meter-thick building with stone walls was part of the city’s citadel, and today the tower has an exposition of the Military Museum.

The world-famous Dome Cathedral, the building of which appeared in the XIII century, was repeatedly destroyed and restored in different eras. It reflects a variety of styles of architecture. The cathedral has a concert hall with the world’s largest organ and museums: seafaring and historical, dedicated to the city.

The current Lutheran Church of St. Peter, in which you can listen to the service and, using the elevator, go up to the roof to enjoy the amazing view of the city. And, of course, make some great Instagram photos!

The House of the Blackheads is an old historical building of the Renaissance period with an operating concert hall. This hall is famous for the fact that Franz Liszt and Josef Wagner performed in it at one time. Today, the House also serves as the temporary residence of the President of Latvia.

Schwab House, famous for the fact that it was the first time in the city that communal amenities were arranged. Now the building has an interesting local history museum.

The legendary House, on the facade of which there is a golden eagle with spread wings, and two black cats with curved backs are walking on two symmetrical towers. The building has a jazz restaurant and Black Cat casino.

Three old mansions united in a composition called “Three Brothers”. In one of the houses there is an exposition of an architectural museum.

The largest museum in Latvia is the art museum, located in the center of the Latvian capital, in the Esplanade park. The museum has an extensive collection of paintings by Latvian and European artists.

Car Museum with the largest collection in Europe. It is definitely worth a look here, what Koba and Leonid Brezhnev went on, to see the first models of Rolls-Royces and Mercedes, unusual designs of motorcycles and fire engines.

Ethnographic open-air museum, which collects or reconstructed buildings and objects (mills, huts, taverns) that perfectly show the old Riga.

Shopping center “Gallery of Riga”, notable for the fact that on the last eighth floor of the building on the terrace there is an observation deck with excellent views of the city. Here you can enjoy spending more than one hour sitting in a cafe, bar, or restaurant, and admire the beautiful Riga.

The 300-meter TV tower, the highest in Europe and looks like the Eiffel. There is also an observation deck that allows you to see the city from a bird’s eye view.

The main market is another attraction of Riga. It is considered one of the oldest and largest markets in Europe and is famous for its unusual forms of pavilions with long tunnels connecting them. On the market you can not only buy souvenirs, but also have a tasty, authentic meal.

Nature lovers should take a walk along the Bastion Hill – the famous city park with beautiful nature and the opportunity to ride a pleasure boat.

For outdoor enthusiasts, there is a unique Sports Complex 333 with go-karts, motocross tracks, jet skiing, and wakes. And on the beach in Ziemelsky district you can try yourself in the role of a cool surfer, a waker, do extreme parasailing: parachuting by boat or jet ski.

For travelers with children, there is a large and interesting Riga Zoo, where you can get acquainted with animals, birds and insects in almost natural conditions. Also go with your children to the largest amusement center in Latvia – Go Planet Park. What is missing here: museums, zoo and water parks, indoor and outdoor game complexes with swing-carousels, trampolines, slides, extreme attractions, go-karts, many cafes and restaurants. The Livu water park with slides of different heights and extremes, pools, game areas is also noteworthy.

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The monument city, the contrasting city of Riga, the capital of the Baltic state of Latvia, is comfortably located on the shores of the Baltic Sea. Riga is a beautiful…


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