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Today, Egypt is the most popular resort country, which many people in our country choose for vacation. And this is not surprising, because in all Egyptian hotels the “All Inclusive” system operates, the beaches are equipped for a comfortable stay, all kinds of entertainments for adults and children are carefully thought out. But most choose Egypt because of the unique Red Sea, which attracts fans of diving and snorkeling with its unique reefs with underwater inhabitants, unique in their beauty and color.

You can travel in the underwater kingdom of the Red Sea at any time of the year: here, sea water is always crystal clear, warm and at least twenty degrees. And, since coral reefs stretch along the entire coast of Egypt, all coastal hotel areas are equipped convenient for divers and divers with snorkeling pontoons for entering the water. Diving centers work almost everywhere, instructors teach beginners and accompany experienced divers in underwater travels. What places are most attractive for researchers of the underwater world?

Sharm El Sheikh

The large resort area of ​​Sharm El Sheikh is called an ideal place, a center for diving and snorkeling. The cozy Naama Bay with its crystal clear water and gentle sandy sunset is especially notable. The place for training dives to the coral walls and gardens is reached by boat. You can study the depths of the sea in such places.

Near the sheer coral cape Ras Um Sid, on which stands the lighthouse. This area is continuous beautiful reefs, protruding above the water and overgrown with eight-rayed gorgonaria of yellow, red, orange, white, lilac and even saturated black colors. Divers dive to 20-meter depths from yachts. Here at a 6-meter depth there is a through grotto.
Turtle bay with a mass of turtles living in it.
Cape Ras Katy is a very cozy cove with a gentle entry into the water. A variety of corals begin almost immediately. Divers descend to a 20-meter depth to observe different types of fish. Combined, night and even children’s dives are practiced here.
Dive site Paradise (Paradise) – ten-meter coral wall. The corals here are soft, and diving is carried out at a 20- or 35-meter depth into a society of a variety of fish, turtles, sharks.
Cape (dive site) Middle Garden, in the area where divers, both beginners and advanced, dive from the shore or boats.
Reef Tower – a coral wall descending into a 60-meter canyon. From here, the Pink Wall, Sodf and Amphoras reefs are not far from here.
Ras Muhammad National Marine Reserve with beautiful reefs.
Brothers Islands (El Ahawain) with fabulously beautiful coral thickets, including soft, colorful exotic fish and sharks: tiger, hammers, etc.
Tistelgorm – a wreck of a warship, which was first found by the famous Jacques-Yves Cousteau.
Reef Gardens (Near, Middle, Far) with gorgonians, anemones, underwater grottoes and caves with parrots and butterflies living in them.


The most popular resort of the Red Sea with hundreds of diving centers and about 40 places for diving. The most notable reefs: Carless, Sabina, Petra, Bara and Abu Ramada. In this area at the bottom lies a sunken sailing ship. Advanced divers flock to Hurghada to embark on a multi-day trip (dive safari) to distant reefs and make night dives.

El Gouna

In the resort, divers to swim among the coral gardens, go to the reefs of Abu Nuhas, Shabaha and others on a dive boat. Calm dives for beginners and adrenaline depths for experienced divers are possible. Wrecks lie in the area: Thistlegorm, Rosali Moller, Karnati.

Marsa Alam

The resort attracts divers, both experienced and beginners, with crystal clear water, dives right from the shore, immediately starting reefs, interesting flora and fauna. There are also night dives from dive bots. Here are some of the best reefs to explore.

The horseshoe-shaped Dolphin house, overgrown with multi-colored soft corals and gorgonians, is the abode of a wide variety of exotic underwater inhabitants: turtles, sharks, barracudas, dolphins.
Sheer Elphistone, overgrown with all kinds of corals: soft, in the form of bushes, trees, balls. The area is very deep.
Red Coral Abu Galava. Here at the bottom you can see an old wreck.
Barrier sheer Zabargad, overgrown with hard and soft corals, gorgonians, anemones.
Rocky Rocky, going to a kilometer deep, covered with different types of bright corals and huge gorgonians, among which colorful fish scurry around, and sometimes barracudas and manty swim.

The resort is suitable for diving beginners and experienced divers. Diving to the reefs Blue Hole, Canyon, Lighthouse, Cave with a mass of caves and labyrinths carried out from the shore.

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