The “Bride” of the Mediterranean Sea - Alexandria
During the times of “open” Egypt, Alexandria was not popular among the mass Russian tourists, mainly from the resorts of the Red Sea they came there on individual excursions for…

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Детальная информация сервис кондиционеров дубай у нас на сайте.
UFO hunters
Chile is the first in this ranking - the country with the highest recorded number of UFO sightings. Due to its low humidity, mountain ranges and clear skies with little…

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UFO hunters
Chile is the first in this ranking - the country with the highest recorded number of UFO sightings. Due to its low humidity, mountain ranges and clear skies with little…

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Stunning Things to Do in Koh Samui

The debate that Thailand and its islands are crowded with tourists will never subside. Most continue to stubbornly search for the perfect deserted tropical island, while it is quite enough to dwell on something not too famous. Koh Samui is what you need. It is famous for its crystal clear waters and magnificent beaches surrounded by palm trees. This island with a fairly low price level, which is located far from the bustling tourists of Phi Phi Island, invites you to immerse yourself in an atmosphere of rest and relaxation.

What to do on Samui?

An informed traveler will find a wide selection of entertainment on Koh Samui. Some are quite typical (who would have thought, but they often spend time on the beach!), While others are more original.

Enjoy a beach holiday in Koh Samui

If you did not plan a trip to the Thai islands to explore the beaches, then why did you come at all? Most of the territory of Samui is the beaches of all stripes, from the popular and noisy, ending with secluded and quiet. Here everyone will find a place to their liking.

Surely you understand that famous beaches such as Chaweng and Lamai, located near resort hotels and residential complexes of Koh Samui, are always crowded. Merchants of various trifles, dodgers-intermediaries and traders on long-tailed boats impose their goods and services. One has only to rejoice at the sudden moment of calm, you will be unceremoniously stirred up by offering “branded” sunglasses for only 1000 baht per pair.

Away from the main tourist areas, there are quieter sandy coasts such as Silver Beach. This is an amazing place. A beautiful corner that manages to maintain a balance between available space and the number of vacationers. Bophut Beach also belongs to this category.

If you have the time and the desire to find secluded beaches away from well-trodden hiking trails, visiting beaches such as Natien is really worth the effort.

Try Thai Boxing on Koh Samui

National Sports of Thailand is available to all comers. There are many Thai boxing schools on Koh Samui, and all of them, according to my research, work according to a single scheme.

A group lesson lasting 2 hours will cost you about 400 baht.

Watch Thai Boxing Fights

Muay Thai originated in Thailand, and today it remains one of the fundamental elements of Thai culture. If practicing this type of martial art is not for you, you can act as a spectator by watching the bouts of others in competitions that take place every week. The main stadium for tourists who want to see the fights is the Fetch Bunch boxing ring, which is located near Chaweng Beach. Demonstration fights are held here several times a week.

Soon you will memorize the battle schedule by heart. There will be leaflets with advertisements everywhere, and pick-ups that break the silence with loud announcements of upcoming events will travel all day. Ticket prices start at 1,500 baht. Compared to other entertainment, this is quite an expensive pleasure, but worth it.

Rent a scooter and travel around the island

Despite the fact that it is not suitable for everyone, the idea of ​​renting a scooter on Koh Samui in order to independently explore the island on two wheels is one of the best. The main road of the island goes around it in a loop, repeating the coastline. Traveling along it, inside the loop you will see chains of hills and mountains, on which many types of fruits grow. Outside, you can view the coast while continuing to search for the beach of your dreams.

If you feel confident driving a scooter, take a trip to Samui observation deck to enjoy stunning panoramic views of the island and the Gulf of Thailand. The trip will be complicated by several sections of the dirt road, but if this does not scare you, then do not hesitate and hit the road! Near the observation deck there is a small cafe where you can take a break before heading back.

Visit the palaces and Big Buddha

There are three outstanding cultural attractions on Koh Samui that are included in most tourist routes.

Big Buddha is the most obvious example. It can be seen from any point at a distance of several kilometers. It looks exactly as you imagine it. This is a huge buddha statue. You can look at it nearby for free. You can catch some good angles and take cool photos if you get here a little earlier than most tourists. Better to come here in the morning. Over time, heat will break out, but, fortunately for you, there are racks with refreshing fruit cocktails on the flights of stairs. Take a glass and keep going until the next stop.

A three-minute scooter ride from the Big Buddha is Wat Plai Laem Temple. The original, slightly funny palace complex consists of three main parts with small piers that lead to individual lakes.

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