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UFO hunters

Chile is the first in this ranking – the country with the highest recorded number of UFO sightings. Due to its low humidity, mountain ranges and clear skies with little pollution, Chile has become a favorite among UFO seekers from around the world. An abnormal phenomena research committee officially operates in this country, a government body that studies unidentified aerial phenomena under the control of the Chilean Air Force.

Among the UFO attractions that can be visited in Chile there are also observatories – such as the Atacama Desert, the ESO Paranal Observatory, which tourists can book on weekends, the ALMA Observatory in northern Chile, which is also open to visitors and tourists. In addition, the expert lists famous UFO landing sites, such as the area of ​​Saint-Clemente in Chile, where hundreds of UFO sightings are reported. Here, the Chilean Tourism Council in 2008 established the official UFO track: a 19-mile trail runs through the Andes Mountains. Among the popular spots is El Enladrillado, a huge, bizarre flat area formed by 200 beautifully cut off volcanic blocks, which, supposedly enthusiastic by ufologists suggest, were laid by ancient civilizations. It takes four hours to get to the place on the horse.

Tourists can also comfortably “hunt” for UFOs at the Elqui Domos Astronomical Hotel, a small 10-year-old hotel located in the heart of the narrow Elki Valley, stretching between the Andes. Here they have a restaurant, an astronomical observatory, an outdoor pool and 11 air-conditioned rooms with central heating. The rooms are divided into 7 geodesic domes and 4 cabins in the observatory. To attract their target audience, the hotel says that the Elki Valley is known for its completely clear sky and good weather, as well as its great potential for detecting UFOs and studying astronomy.

In addition, UFO tours take place in the Andes in Chile – this is an equestrian tour of the wild trails along the Kocheguaz River. The tour includes campfire nights, a telescope, and a couple of bottles of pisco – local grape vodka, obviously for a better vision. In the morning, tourists will find a trip to the scientific observatory of CerroTololo, which includes a visit to the objects of the observatory and an excursion in which studies are carried out at the complex.

2. Successfully “monetizes” its paranormal phenomena and the “Anglo-American world.” Great Britain, first of all, the vicinity of Stonehenge, as well as the nearby Wiltshire fields, where mysterious phenomena took place. “Large disk objects” were also observed in the fields, and the believers in UFOs consider Stonehenge to be a landing site.

3. In the USA, the expert notes several places of worship for UFO hunters at once. First of all, this is area 51 in Nevada, which enthusiastic paranormal researchers have announced as a research base for studying the wrecked alien spacecraft, including its inhabitants, both living and dead, and the production of aircraft based on alien technology. The curious here is offered a special Planetxv Ufo Hunting Trip, inviting right in the vicinity of the air base, which really exists there.

In Arizona, UFO hunters are attracted by Sedona. Tourists are invited to excursions with night vision goggles, with binoculars and telescopes. Among what they saw are UFOs, portals, aliens … (the amount of whiskey is not specified). For example, the Sedona UFO Tour is proposed. The tour begins with a two-hour meditation walk. Guides provide tourists with meditation and a “paranormal video tour.” After sunset, they are sent to UFO sightings, where the company guarantees a “hunting trophy” in the form of UFO sightings, using special night vision goggles.

Tourists also arrive at the Bradshaw Ranch, which captivates with the glory of “the most powerful interdimensional portal”. In the last hour of dusk, tour operators promise unprecedented phenomena, supplemented by all the traditional tales of aliens and related military developments.

Also attract tourists and the Joshua tree near Los Angeles, the California high-altitude desert, the UFO festival in Roswell and other paranormal attractions.

4. In Australia, Wycliffe Well is considered to be such, which is located in the Northern Territory along the Stuart highway between Alice Springs and Tennant Creek. The “capital of UFOs in Australia” is considered one of the five best UFO access points in the world and guarantees UFO surveillance every couple of days. At the same time, tourists are offered to stay in cabins in the Wycliffe Well Wellness Park, located 236 miles from Alice Springs.

Well, entrepreneurs build hotels and observatories for tourists, as well as install gravity meters, infrared cameras and magnetic field sensors. UFO tourism is also popular in Tolyatti, where visitors can see some of the largest crop circles.

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