How not to get poisoned in Egypt and what to do in case of poisoning
Poisoning tourists in Egypt happens very often. This problem is much larger than it seems. Firstly, most vacationers are treated independently, which makes it impossible to collect at least some…

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Recreational tourism
Recreational tourism is the movement of people in their free time for the purpose of recreation, necessary to restore the physical and mental strength of a person. For many countries…

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The Israelis are already visible on the plane, even if it is the board of the UIA, and not El-Al. Everyone who has lived in Israel for at least a…

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Australia – Overview of Australia Country and Cities

it is an amazing, incomparable to any other, state, with the informal name “country of Oz”. In a territory comparable to the area of ​​Europe, only 18 million people live. About 80% of them inhabit eight large cities located on the coast. Wildlife in Australia can be adjacent to megacities, and four-meter crocodiles can swim in the bays, on the banks of which are large cities. Australia has the highest concentration of national parks per capita – there are more than 540 of them, setting up a tent in one of them, you can not see a soul for years.

The continent impresses tourists with its natural, geographical and climatic diversity. In its central and western regions lie vast unexplored open spaces, called by the Australians “outback” – backyards. Along the east coast stretches the Great Dividing Range, which separates deserts from flowering valleys on the coast. Tropical forests grow here, which, in a riot of life, can argue with the Amazon River. East of the Australian coast is the Great Barrier Reef, attracting hundreds of thousands of divers and cruise lovers. The most scenic spot on the continent is the Kakadu National Park, located in its northern part.

In addition to natural recreational resources, tourists visiting Australia are attracted to its cities full of attractions. Due to the historical development of the state, almost all of them have a very interesting, eclectic architecture. The most popular cities for tourists are Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Cairns.

This city is a major economic center, cultural and sports capital of Australia. It is here that the largest Australian museums are located, exhibitions, galleries, fashion shows and other events are held. Melbourne is famous for its architecture combining Victorian style with cutting-edge facilities. It is called the “city of gardens and parks”, which are a great many in the metropolis. A huge contribution to the economy of Melbourne is made by tourists, who annually come here up to 10 million people. In terms of this indicator, it is superior to another Australian metropolis, Sydney.

If Melbourne is the cultural center of Australia, then Sydney is industrial and commercial. It is also replete with unusual architectural ensembles, in particular, the city is world famous for its opera house and Harbor Bridge. Around Sydney are several national parks, and the coast is one long beach. In the city center you can find a huge number of shopping centers and boutiques where the most fashionable clothes are sold. More than 9 million tourists visit the city annually.

Gold Coast
About the same amount of rest every year for the so-called. The Gold Coast is a giant seaside resort stretching from Sydney to Brisbane. The Gold Coast has a mild subtropical climate, excellent beaches and strong coastal waves, which surfers love to ride on. There are many nature reserves and theme parks on the Gold Coast and its environs, in particular, the famous “Sea World”, where unusual shows with trained marine animals are held.

This city is the fourth largest tourist destination in Australia due to the region’s many recreational resources. The main one is the Great Barrier Reef, which is visited by almost all foreigners. In addition, in the vicinity of Cairns there is the Ateron Plateau, Queensland’s rainforests and amazing beaches on the Coral Sea. Cairns has many travel organizations and travel agencies that organize trips and leisure tours.

Sydney, Blue Mountains National Park

Breakfast in the hotel.
08:00 – meeting with a guide in the hotel lobby and a trip to the Blue Mountains National Park. This name was given to these mountains due to a rare optical phenomenon in the form of refraction of sunlight through evaporation saturated with eucalyptus oil. The relict eucalyptus trees that cover the mountains here abundantly emit eucalyptus oil, and its vapors in bright light create a kind of bluish haze that kind of envelops the mountain range and gives it a blue tint. The national park is a natural heritage of UNESCO. A visit to the most beautiful panoramic sites.
Descent to the valley by rail with the world’s steepest climb. Walk through the amazing rain forest and climb the cableway. Directions over the canyon by funicular with a transparent bottom.
Return to the hotel at about 18:00. Free time in the city. Dinner at one of the restaurants of your choice.

* In addition, tickets to the animal park and three lifts are paid – 79 AUD per person (Attention! Very long lines for the lifts these days are possible!). Dinner is not included in the price – paid according to choice.

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