The monument city, the contrasting city of Riga, the capital of the Baltic state of Latvia, is comfortably located on the shores of the Baltic Sea. Riga is a beautiful…

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Japan in the summer: what to see the tourist and what to do?
A real traveler chooses the extraordinary. Imagine: an extraordinary culture, where hi-tech is successfully combined with centuries-old traditions, and “mass” images easily spread throughout the globe. And one of the…

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Traveling on rowing and sailing ships
Rafts, various boats, bots and other vessels, national or recreated according to old models, are very popular. The pioneer of this area is, without a doubt, the great traveler Thor…

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Raft is an inflatable raft boat for rafting on rivers. Rafting is an alloy on rapids on inflatable ships. Raft is an elongated oval, designed for several people at once. They mainly hold on to it with their feet, sticking them into special loops like stirrups, since the hands are busy with oars during the rafting.

Coordinated rowing is very important in rafting alloy, otherwise the boat will turn the boat rapidly around its axis.

The raft has a captain (instructor), without which rafting is impossible. This is a rather dangerous sport and entertainment, so the captain does not tolerate objections from sailors.

Rafting is widespread almost everywhere where there is the possibility of rafting along the rivers. The World Rafting Championships take place on the African Zambezi River, slightly downstream of the famous Victoria Falls.

In our country, the most famous event in the world of rafting is the annual Vuoksa festival on the river of the same name held annually on June 26. The Losevsky threshold, on which the main events of the festival unfold, is located 80 km from St. Petersburg. The most striking and memorable sight of this event is the mass rafting on a stormy rapids.

Despite the fact that rafting is possible in certain areas and at certain times of the year, nature did not offend Russia with rivers for rafting. Karelia is very rich in such rivers. Only standard routes are laid on more than a dozen rivers.

Depending on age, health status and fitness, routes of varying difficulty are offered.

For beginners, it is better to choose simple routes that combine active relaxation with a relaxing one. For example, in the south of Karelia there are relatively simple rafting routes. Tourists rafting for 1-2 hours, then a picnic in nature with local delicacies and drinks is organized for them. After a picnic, tourists board a bus and go to Petrozavodsk, from where they are taken to Kizhi from a port located on Lake Onega.

A combination of extreme sports and cultural tourism is also carried out in northern Karelia. In addition to the rafting itself, a rich cultural program is also provided here, for example, an examination of the White Sea petroglyphs and an excursion to the Solovetsky Islands.

For those who like extreme extreme sports and want to break away from civilization as far as possible, they will arrange a helicopter departure to the upper reaches of the Ileksa River, which cannot be reached by any other transport and there are no human housing for tens or even hundreds of kilometers. Two weeks spent on a wild river include fishing, picking mushrooms, berries, i.e. life in perfect harmony with nature. Thus, one round combines ecological and extreme types of tourism.

Rafting is very popular in the Caucasus, especially in the cities of Sochi and Adler. On hot days, rafting organizers barely cope with the influx of tourists who want to experience the thrill. Various sections of the river make you feel like heroes to both novice rafters and already experienced rafting “wolves”.

Very popular among experienced river rafters of the Altai. The best Russian athletes train here. The Chuya and Katun rivers have some of the most difficult slalom routes with dangerous and complex rapids and ramparts.

Along with sports, commercial rafting is very common here. By the way, tourists can also get acquainted with the famous Chuysky tract. Not all routes that are difficult and interesting from the point of view of rafting have convenient entrances. The lack of railways and roads in many areas makes rafting in these places an expensive and inaccessible pleasure.

Professional rafting makes special demands on age – no younger than 18 and no older than 50-60 years, good health is needed. For tourists of a younger or older age, it is better to choose a hiking or horse trek along the banks of the same rivers.

One of the coolest in implementation is a multi-day rafting on the Oka Sayanskaya river in the Baikal region. For 60 km there is not a single calm site. Tourists must be accompanied by instructors on the escort catamaran along this route.

But there are more calm rafting routes – one of them is located on the East Siberian river Irkut (translated from Buryat – “spinning”). On it admittance are rafters, including children from 7 years old. At the source and mouth it is a classic mountain river, and in the Lower Tunkinsky valley it is a calm and smooth flow through the territory of the national park. This route is combined with a cultural program – visiting sacred shamanistic and Buddhist places. A mandatory custom is the ritual worship of local spirits in order to appease them. It consists in spraying vodka on all sides of the world in a sacred place drilled – about.

It is believed that this is a prerequisite for a successful trip.

Common stormy emotions and unforgettable impressions – how can this be compared to lying on the beach when parents who are miserable from the heat wave away, like annoying flies, from children who do not know what to do?

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