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5 places to extend the winter

Didn’t have enough winter to go skiing or snowboarding? We offer a selection of resorts located on glaciers or in northern latitudes, where the chances of catching good snow in April or even later are highest. And in order to have enough money for the trip, it is worth considering various types of credit cards and issuing one of them.

Stubai (Austria)
Recommended to go: October – June

The largest glacier in Austria is famous as a great place for families. It offers comfortable skiing areas for the elderly, a ski school for children, tours of the ice grotto and much more. In addition, a ski pass for children under 10 years old is free. In the high season on Stubai it is too crowded, but by April skiing becomes more comfortable.

But do not think that at a family resort, lovers will tickle their nerves. At their disposal are 7 red and 3 black slopes, including a 10-kilometer descent with a vertical drop from 3210 to 1750 m, as well as the Downhill track, the slope of which reaches 60%. For the most desperate, there is a freeride zone where you can ride at your own peril and risk. Snowboarders will appreciate the springboards in the snowpark, where Olympic medalists Sage Kotsenburg and Mark McMorris come to train.

Åre (Sweden)
Recommended to go: December – April

Ore is notable for affordable prices against the backdrop of alpine resorts, as well as a convenient location for St. Petersburg and Muscovites. In addition to skiing, there are other opportunities for outdoor activities – from dog sledding to ice fishing. The main part of the audience is made up of Scandinavians who go skiing in early childhood – these guys always have something to learn.

The prepared tracks start at an altitude of 1274 m, and there are 89 of them at the resort, not counting the treadmills. The most widely represented are blue (34) and red (30): respectively, the most diverse skiing awaits skiers of average and above average levels. An interesting feature: some of the slopes are equipped with video cameras, and with the help of a mobile application you can share videos about your skiing on social networks.

Ylläs (Finland)
Recommended to go: December – May

Although the slopes of Ylläs are not mountains, but Lapland hills, experienced athletes like to come here: most of the slopes are quite difficult. Judges of the chamber environment will also like Ylläs: large influxes of visitors are rare, there are no queues to the lifts, and there are more crowds on the slopes. But fans of nightlife will be bored: the location can not boast of a variety of clubs and discos.

The highest point of the resort is 719 m. It does not sound very impressive until you get acquainted with the most important information for skiers: 63 slopes (6 green, 27 blue, 24 red and 6 black), 53 km of prepared tracks, including the longest descent in Finland with a length of 3 km. Places for freeride and snowparks with jumps of varying complexity are also available. In a word, emphasis on saturated skating and a sea of ​​adrenaline.

Saas Fee (Switzerland)
Recommended to go: November – April

Saas Fee is always fun and lively: during the season there are many sports and cultural events. For example, in April you can get to the Schneegaudi snow party – a festival with pop and rock stars in the open air at an altitude of 2400 m. What about a rope route over a deep gorge or an evening downhill on a toboggan along a lighted track with a slope of 55 degrees? In Saas-Fee there are literally entertainment for every taste. But, alas, not for any wallet: the resort can not be classified as budget.

Snow economy is also on the level: 150 kilometers of pistes that start at an altitude of 3600 m. And the panorama of 18 four-thousanders around makes skiing not only sporting, but also aesthetic pleasure.

Kirovsk (Russia)
Recommended to go: November – May

As many as five ski areas with routes of all kinds of terrain and difficulty – a real paradise for fans of skiing. Add to this the lack of the need to obtain visas, excellent rail and air connections, affordable prices, and you will understand why the resort on the Kola Peninsula is so popular. Of the minuses, one can name a poorly developed infrastructure: there are clearly not enough hotels and catering establishments in Kirovsk.

In fact, Kirovsk is two resorts at once. Big Woodyavr has 23 tracks with the highest point of 1,047 m. 15 of them are lit, which allows you to ride even on a polar night. Kukisvumchorr is more modest: 6 tracks, including a training one, and a height of 960 m. But here, which takes place every year, the Freeride Khibiny Open Cup is an event that has already become a cult among fans of off-piste skiing.

An important addition: in some resorts there are several settlements, differing in the set of entertainment, cost of living, proximity to certain routes. Do not forget to clarify all the nuances in order to choose the best option for yourself. And start preparing, because getting from spring to snowy winter is an unforgettable adventure!

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