The essence and types of sea tourism
Sea tourism is a mobile component of recreation related to overcoming the space for recreation, entertainment, treatment, or for any other purpose not related to making a profit. The essence…

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Holidays in Croatia: 4 points for travelers
Anyone who chooses a vacation in Croatia should stock up on information on the format of the rest, the culture of the country and security measures. We have 4 tips…

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The Israelis are already visible on the plane, even if it is the board of the UIA, and not El-Al. Everyone who has lived in Israel for at least a…

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exercise programs


The magical power of the underwater world lies in the universality of its environment: there is a difference from the situation on the ground and in the air, under water you can move in all directions, independently choosing a direction.

Diving is one of the most difficult and dangerous sports and tourism. Despite this, as well as the high cost of equipment, which not everyone can afford, the movement of divers expands every year both in our country and abroad. The mysterious underwater world has always attracted man. Currently, in Europe alone there are over 3 million diving enthusiasts.

However, if in many other types of tourism you can do without special education and training, this is unacceptable in scuba diving. A single, even minor mistake underwater can cost the diver life. Continue reading

Military historical tourism in all countries of the world

Military-historical tourism is an active and at the same time informative type of recreation. As a rule, he is preferred by people who are interested in the legendary battles of the past, as well as those who want to feel like a heroic fighter and gain experience using modern weapons and equipment. In Western countries, tours are widespread in which an ordinary person becomes a real soldier for a week or two – he is engaged in combat training, shooting, and is training hard. Some US travel agencies semi-legally arrange trips to countries where the U.S. Army conducts operations for a given period of time. Military-historical tourism associated with excursions to museums and active military units is more common in Ukraine and the CIS countries. It can be divided into several main types.

Visiting the battlefields of past years and military-historical museums;
Shooting from firearms, grenade launchers and anti-aircraft mounts; Continue reading

Outbound tourism main species in Western European countries

Outbound tourism is a vacation trip to foreign countries of the world. Thanks to globalization and the simplification of the visa regime by many states, international travel has recently gained incredible popularity. Today, outbound tourism is not only a form of recreation, but also one of the forms of economic, political, social and cultural ties between states. Outbound tourism, as a separate category of trips, is developing extremely dynamically.

If in 1950 25 million people made international trips for tourism, now this figure is more than half a billion people a year. For many countries, international tourism is a solid or even the main source of income from the export of goods and services. In countries such as Panama, Cyprus, Haiti, tourism revenues exceed half of all export earnings. And even quite European and economically developed Spain, Greece and Austria receive more than a third of all export earnings from tourism through tourism. Continue reading

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